What are the benefits of going green?

Environmental Benefits:
Emissions and carbon footprint reduction: Pollutants released by fossil fuel based energy contribute to climate change and cause air quality issues, increased smog and risks to human health. Building strategies, such as the use of solar power, daylight utilisation and proper insulation reduce these harmful emissions.

Water conservation:

Utilising rain water tanks and grey water for use in irrigation can cause significantly lower water bills.

Temperature management:

The use of concrete filled Eco Blocks as opposed to traditional brick and wood frame based structures not only helps to block out outside noise, it also acts as an insulator. Homes with Eco Blocks use approximately 44% less energy to heat, and 32% less energy to cool than traditional style housing. In fact, the long term savings of green living far out way the initial start up cost.

Economic Benefits:

The common misconception of green building is that it is not financially feasible. However, studies have shown the cost of green building are not substantially higher than regular building projects, and the long term benefits and savings far out way any initial setup costs.

Increased property value:

With energy costs on the rise, the low operating and maintenance costs of a green buildings can cut your bills substantially, and make a dramatic rise in the value of the house. Making the prospect of selling or renting out your house much easier.

Social Benefits:

Improved health:

Poor indoor environmental quality (IEQ) resulting from insufficient air circulation, poor lighting, mold build up, temperature variances and toxic adhesives contribute widely to repertory problems, allergies, nausea, headaches and skin rashes. Green building emphasizes ventilation and non-toxic, low emitting materials that create more comfortable living environments for all.